Trust Scientific Meeting: Group Relations at the Tavistock: Where from and where to?

Event overview

Time: 11:30am to 12:50pmTavi100 final logo for news item preview box

Date: 11 May 2020

Speaker: William Halton and Members of the GRC Steering Committee

Chair: Tim LeLean, GRC Steering Committee Member and Director, Tavistock Consulting


The practice of Group Relations at the Tavistock and Portman has been alive since 1969, when the first event was offered to staff and trainees interested in understanding more about the processes at work within organisational life, looked at through a 'systems psychodynamics' lens.

Since that first event, which saw its 50th birthday in December 2019, the work of GRC's has seen developments and innovations, with four GRC's now offered every year to a wide range of students, staff and people from a variety of other settings.

William Halton - a key figure and innovator in Tavistock GRC's - will be joined by the Directors of our current GRC: Maxine Dennis, Lydia Hartland-Rowe, Ben Neal, Mel Mahadevan, and Sarah Wynick, to look back through our history and forward to where we might go next. This presentation will be chaired by Tim LeLean.

Every GRC development has a 'trigger' such as the current situation. We look forward to sharing ideas about how GRC's can inform organisational learning and stay relevant to a modern context.

Staff, students and alumni are warmly invited to our Centenary Trust Scientific Meeting.

11 May 2020 11:30 to 12:50