Discovering Leadership: The Secret Life of Authority and Role

Conference overview

How can we better understand the informal structures and systems that form, inform, and distort our organizations and our places within them?

How can we occupy the space between the person we are and our roles and take up our authority with authenticity, vigour and vitality?

What inhibits or blocks our progress and potential, both as individuals and in groups and organizations?

Secret life of authority and role

A quick glance at the shelves of any book shop quickly reveals dozens of titles dedicated to leadership, performance, and self-development. Often knowledge is offered in the form of recipe lists, essential habits, and quick fixes. But the remedies on offer never seem to work, or if they do the results are partial or short-lived. This may be because they generally do not address the hidden, irrational, less conscious aspects of organizational life.


Participating in this group relations conference offers the potential for deep and transformational learning about both oneself and the dynamics of groups and organizations.


A world within a world, the conference provides a structure in which a temporary organization is co-created by members and staff. This temporary organization can then be studies by all members and staff of the conference, a place to experiment, to play, and to try and better understand the dynamics of organizational life. It is in this unique and often demanding context transformative learning becomes possible. 

Conference Director                           Ben Neal

Associate Conference Director           Kay Trainor

7 September 2020 09:00 to 10 September 2020 19:00

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