Discovering Leadership: Inside Out - Outside In

Conference overview

Leadership? Energy? Empowerment? Creativity? Co-operative endeavour? Infighting? Destructive competition? Lethargy? Cynicism? How many of these describe your organisation, or the organisations you work with? How does leadership emerge in an organisation? Do you understand how organisations work below the surface and what you might do to make them work more effectively?

Discovering Leadership: Inside Out - Outside In

The way we work and live has been challenged, distorted, and reconsidered. Those with abundant resources have discovered the benefits of additional time, freedom, and flexibility. Those without have had their lives challenged and compressed as the usual boundaries which separate organizational and personal life collapse. All have had to face uncertainty, fear, and unprecedented global and social change.

Simultaneously our engagement with the digital space has intensified. What may have been previously held in an internal space, in terms of opinions, values, emotions, and fantasies about self and others, is now projected outwards. Once in the digital space, this content is commodified, intensified, and returned to us in distorted and amplified forms.

In this context, how do we consider our relationship to leadership, authority, and power, both our own and of others? How might we navigate the complex new territory that is emerging both in our external world, but also in our minds?

This group relations conference, Discovering Leadership: Inside Out - Outside In, will give members an opportunity to explore these themes and others within the setting of a temporary organization, co-created by its membership and staff.

This conference will take place in person at the Tavistock Clinic, following COVID regulations.

The conference will also include a small number of places for individuals to join a training group. This is for those who wish to deepen their experience of group relations and start to develop the skills necessary to take up the role of group relations staff in the future (See application form for details) 

Conference Director                           Ben Neal

Associate Conference Director           Kay Trainor

The Tavistock Centre, London
6 September 2021 09:00 to 9 September 2021 19:00