Second systemic postgraduate research conference – curiosity and critical practice research

Conference overview

This postgraduate systemic research conference is for systemic practitioners and is jointly hosted by the two systemic Professional Doctorates at the University of Bedfordshire and The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust.

The aims of the conference are:

  • to share leading edge research and practice with the systemic communities
  • to showcase a range of methodological approaches to systemic research/inquiry
  • to offer conference presentation experience to practitioner-researchers
  • to facilitate a reflexive circulation and development of systemic ideas

Systemic and relationally sensitive reflexive practitioners and practitioner researchers from the systemic and relational fields of therapy, leadership, supervision, organisational consultancy, training, community development and activism. We are using the term systemic to include social constructionist, narrative, dialogical, appreciative, systems thinking, ecological and collaborative approaches.

There will be a rich mix of papers, workshops and poster sessions covering a range of subjects. Presenters will be current and past postgraduate research students whose research is about or relevant to systemic practice. There will be a choice of presentations to attend in three streams:

A. Organisational, Leadership and Management Studies

B. Therapy, Supervision and Community

C. Training and Pedagogy



9.00am                   Why a systemic postgraduate research conference? Gail Simon & Britt Krause

9.30am                   Introduction to POSTERS 1, 2, 3 

9.45am                   Eight Criteria for Quality in Systemic Practice Research Gail Simon

10.45am                Break

11.15am                Parallel Workshops

'I do, feel and think because I am': An analysis of mind/body connections drawing on Max Weber and Michel Foucault. Susannah Melville


‘Blaming to naming’ – an exploration of the changing narratives of diagnosis for mothers of autistic girls. Mairi Evans


Things the Old People Used to Say: Stories and Proverbs from the Caribbean. Jo Collins

12.45pm                Lunch Break

1.30pm                  Posters

How do families in Norway where substance abuse is present live with the risk of death Sari Lindeman

Systems of support: understanding the reciprocal relationship between people experiencing homelessness and hostel staff. Claire Watson

2.00pm                  Parallel Workshops

Habeas corpus! We have bodies! Mark Huhnen


                                Parental Alienation - A Systemic Perspective. Brian O'Sullivan

3.30pm                  Break

4.00pm                  Papers

                                Patchworks of Practice – a tool for reflexivity. Bev Meakin

                                Creating Spaces for Relational Reflexivity in Social Care Education. Karen Leonard

Organizational Health and Systemic Leadership. Oana Pop

Leadership as a misplaced idea! Terje Hofsmarken

5.30pm                  Drinks Reception

7.00pm                   Close




9.00am                   Making Connections…

9.30am                   Reflections on an early ethnography. Britt Krause

10.30am                Break

11.00am                Papers

An Unpure Purist: Interpretive phenomenological analysis and group psychotherapy process research. Claudia da Rocha Kustner

Innovative method of analysis of video recorded multifamily group sessions. Natasha Nascimento

Drug use in Greece: The Familial, Institutional and Clinical Ethos. Evelin Zafeiropoulou

How do families in Norway where substance abuse is present live with the risk of death? Sari Lindeman

12.30pm                Lunch Break

1.15pm                  Parallel Workshops

A home by any other name? A qualitative research study on the notions of home within an adolescent inpatient psychiatric unit and the subsequent implications for staff training. Hannah Sherbersky

Research Beginnings. Searching for creativity through diversity of experiences.

Carol Jolliffe, Rukiya Jemmot, Jennifer McKinney, Charlotte Spencer, Bumse Stene, Niall Reynolds

2.15pm              Break

2.30pm              Parallel Workshops

                                Steps to a Peace of Mind: Sailing against the prevailing wind? David Bishop


Toward a multi-epistemological systemic therapy. Lennart Loris

3.30pm                  Looking forward, new connections…

4.30pm                  Close

This conference will take place at the Tavistock Centre, London on Friday 4 - Saturday 5 May 2018 from 9.30am - 5pm.

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The Tavistock Centre, London
4 May 2018 09:00 to 5 May 2018 17:00

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