Identity, culture, and class in group and organisational life: a group relations conference

Conference overview

Join us in creating a three-day experiential learning institution, designed to explore ways in which groups, inter-groups and organisations authorise and mobilise individuals to take up roles within the institutions of which they are members in the context of diversity.

Abstract image representing identity, culture, and class in group and organisational life

This conference is designed as a temporary organisational system for experiential learning. Experiential learning means learning from immediate experience; that is, through participation in and reflection on the events of the conference itself.

This conference is an opportunity to:

  • Learn more about how group and organisational dynamics are influenced by different perspectives of ethnicity, culture & social class.
  • Help members to exercise authority and leadership roles.
  • Explore how different perspectives impact authority and authorisation of roles in groups and organisations.
  • Increase your ability to recognise and manage hidden agendas stereotypes and unspoken assumptions about differences.
  • Become more aware of the inherent dilemmas in collaboration and competition within and among groups. 

Enhance your skills in managing yourself and others in work roles when ethnocentricity and racialised bias stands at the boundary between you.

Monday 22 July (Day 1): 

Registration - 08:45 – 09:25

GRC session - 09:30 – 19:15


Tuesday 23 July (Day 2):

GRC session - 09:30 – 19:15


Wednesday 24 July (Day 3): 

GRC session - 09:30 – 19:15

The Tavistock Centre, London
22 July 2019 09:00 to 24 July 2019 18:40

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