Centenary conference: Who do we think we are? Identity and relationships in the 21st century

Conference overview

Who we think we are? Identity and relationships in the 21st century

Who do we think we are? How do we become who we are? How do we fit into society?  How do we make sense of ourselves? As we witness change, complexity and new movements at the turn of a new decade, questions have emerged about who we are, how we relate and how we face our fears for the future. 

Join us for our flagship centenary conference as we examine identity and relationships with keynote speaker Lemn Sissay and our mental health clinicians and experts. With each session featuring a Tavistock clinician and external speaker, the conference promises to be a dynamic and discursive space to explore contemporary mental health issues. The day will be an exploration of ‘how do we become who we are?’, ‘how do we make sense of ourselves?’ and ‘how do we live together?’, from early childhood experiences, through to adolescence and the consolidation of our identity, to adulthood and our relationships with others and society at large.

In the century since the foundation of the Tavistock, our patients, students and staff - as well as external influences and events - have shaped our thinking and our services, both clinical and educational. Some of the ideas coming out of the Trust have led to changes in the delivery of care, teaching, justice, and support for front line workers beyond our institution. We are very proud of our heritage and our desire to constantly take on new ideas and experiences. Our flagship centenary will continue with heritage and explore contemporary issues. See our flyer

Google the name “Lemn Sissay” and all the returning hits will be about him because there is only one Lemn Sissay in the world. Lemn Sissay is a BAFTA nominated award winning writer, international poet, performer playwright, artist and broadcaster. He has read on stage throughout the world: from The Library of Congress in The United States to The University of Addis Ababa, from Singapore to Sri Lanka, Bangalore to Dubai, from Bali to Greenland AND Wigan library. 

He was awarded an MBE for services to literature by The Queen of England. Along with Chimamanda Ngoze Adichie and Margaret Atwood he won a Pen Pinter Prize in 2019. He is Chancellor of The University of Manchester and an Honorary Doctor from The Universities of Huddersfield, Manchester, Kent and Brunei. He is Dr Dr Dr Dr Lemn Sissay. He was the first poet commissioned to write for the London Olympics and poet of the FA Cup.

  • Lemn Sissay 
  • Margot Waddell 
  • Graham Music
  • Speakers TBC

Session 1: Keynote

Session 2: How do become who we are? do we become who we are?

  • Early years Trauma
  • Compassionate justice do we fit into society?
  • Finding our identity

Session 3: How do we fit into society?

  • Primary care
  • Ethics of decision-making
  • Work and wellbeing

Session 4: How do we make sense of ourselves?

  • Family therapy
  • Education and mental health
  • Mental health and resilience

Session 5: How do we face our fears for the future?

Date: 24 September 2020

Location: Kings Place, 90 York Way, London N1 9AG

General admission: £200

Concessionary rate (unwaged, Trust staff, students, alumni):  £140

24 September 2020 09:00 to 17:30