Getting risk support

Resources for those who have not benefited from or are unable to use help, but are of such a risk that they are still in contact with services.

Although this page is not currently heavily populated, all resources in the whole 'Thriving plus' section are applicable to risk support. Children and young people in this grouping are likely to share the needs of those who fall within other groupings, however despite making use of support, are unable to make use of this, and remain a risk to self or others. 

Additional needs based grouping: Getting Advice and Signposting, Getting Help, Getting More Help

Service group: Children, young people and families; professionals

Summary: Self-referral form for the CAMHS service; 'Open Minded', offered within Camden for children and young people up to the age of 18. Self-referrals are accepted and we also accept referrals from GPs and other professionals such as health visitors and school nurses.

Please phone us to find out more on 020 8938 2241.

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Thriving plus: resources for helping families at home

In the current climate the amount of content advising children, young people and families on how to manage their mental health and wellbeing may be...


Resources for those whose current need is support to maintain mental wellbeing through effective prevention and promotion strategies.

Getting advice and signposting

Resources for those who need advice and signposting.

Getting help

Resources for those who need focused goals-based input.

Getting more help

Resources for those who need more extensive and specialised goal-based help.

Getting Risk Support