Why are you coming to see us...?

You might be coming because someone you know is worried about you.

Maybe your carer. Or your mum or dad. Or your teacher. Or your doctor.

Or maybe you just want to talk to someone. You might be worried or upset about something. Or angry. Or confused.

Kids can have all sorts of problems. Your problems might be worse at school, or maybe at home. You might have problems with your friends or your family.

Whatever the problem, talking to someone who understands can really help. We have people here whose job it is to be that person.

Kids who come to see us can sometimes be a little bit scared at first. But don't worry - you'll see we're friendly and here to help you.

Sometimes difficult things in your life can be hard to cope with. Like someone you love dying. Or your parents getting divorced. Or someone having a serious accident or illness. We can help you get through it.

We can also help when someone else in your family has problems.

And if someone in your family has a learning difficulty or disability, we can help with that too.

How do you feel...?

If you’re not feeling good about things in your life, it can help to try and work out why.

What is a therapist...?

A therapist is a special type of doctor.


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