Tavistock outreach in primary schools (TOPS)

We help children with emotional and behavioral difficulties, and their families and primary schools in Camden.

Who we see

Tavistock outreach in primary schools (TOPS) helps children who often have severe emotional difficulties and behave in ways that are extremely upsetting and hard to manage, for them, their family and their school. 

Sometimes families and schools are worried about children being unusually withdrawn and unreachable. Sometimes they are worried about children who are extremely disruptive. There is often a worry that these difficulties will significantly affect a child’s capacity to learn and develop in an ordinary way. 

We often see families where there has been a family history of abuse, war trauma or addiction which might further affect the child’s ordinary development.

We work where other interventions have not been successful and/or when the family prefers to be seen at school. We work closely with teachers and education staff, as well as working with individual children, their families and whole class groups.

Work with school staff

We work with teachers in work discussion groups or individual meetings where they can think through their concerns or difficulties with pupils or class groups. 

This helps them to:

  • understand the underlying meaning of pupil behaviour
  • identify children who are at risk
  • feel more confident about their work with troubled and needy pupils

We also work with other agencies in Camden and refer families to specialist clinics for further assessment or intervention.


We offer confidential psychotherapy for children and their families. 

Treatment can be brief or long-term and includes: 

We offer additional confidential interventions for parents/carers adult therapy and advocacy work in partnership with Mind in Camden.


After treatment we find that:

  • children are more able to manage their worries and difficult feelings
  • children are more able to learn in the classroom
  • children manage their relationships with other children better and get into trouble less at school
  • parents are more able to understand and support their children
  • teachers and education staff are more able to understand what is happening

Children aged 3 to 11, who attend primary school in Camden and their parents/carers.

You can't refer to this service directly. It's available to children and families who have a Tavistock outreach in primary schools (TOPS) clinical team in their primary school.

Please contact us to find out more about TOPS, or ask to bring the service to a Camden school.