Refugee service

Provides culturally sensitive support to refugees and asylum-seeking children, young people and families in north London.

We offer:

  • emotional support for unaccompanied teenagers seeking asylum
  • help to manage children’s or young people’s difficult behaviour at home or school
  • help for children, young people and parents to deal with trauma and loss
  • support for families to manage the challenge of living between cultures
  • support for parents to find their way around health and education systems, and manage the uncertainties of the asylum process
  • professional assessments and reports in support of asylum claims

We work closely with cultural advocates and interpreters and run community outreach programmes for Afghani, Congolese, Somali and other communities. 

We work with children and young people, parents, nuclear and extended families and with groups of people experiencing similar difficulties. 

Meetings take place in schools, children’s centres, community locations and at the Tavistock Centre.

Barnet, Camden, Enfield and Haringey

Refugees and asylum-seeking children, young people and families in Barnet, Camden and Haringey.

Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children (UASC) in Camden.

For more information about our service and to make an appointment phone 020 8938 2241 and leave a message.

Congolese, French and Somali speakers are available. We work through interpreters for other languages. 

All calls are confidential.

020 8938 2241 

Tavistock Centre, 120 Belsize Lane, London NW3 5BA