Family Nurse Partnership National Unit

We lead national delivery of the Family Nurse Partnership programme in England.  

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The Family Nurse Partnership National Unit leads the national delivery of the Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) programme in England.  

It is housed within the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, commissioned by Public Health England and supported by the Department of Health, which holds the licence for the delivery of FNP in England.

The FNP national unit:

  • provides strategic direction for the FNP programme
  • leads adaptations to the programme so it remains relevant to the UK social context and reflects developing knowledge and evidence
  • provides a learning programme and clinical guidance to supervisors and family nurses
  • supports local and national quality improvement
  • advises on programme setup in local areas
  • oversees research and development
  • develops related products that help improve outcomes for children, focusing specifically on pregnancy and the early years

To date, it has helped 132 local areas to implement the FNP programme, supporting family nurses to build resilience and self-efficacy in the teenage mothers of more than 24,000 babies since 2007. 

The FNP National Unit also provides a number of these services to NHS Education Scotland, the Public Health Agency in Northern Ireland and Norway, who are currently implementing the FNP programme.

What is Family Nurse Partnership?

The Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) is a voluntary home visiting programme for first time young mums aged 24 or under. A specially trained family nurse visits the young mum regularly at home, from early in pregnancy until the child is two.

During regular and structured visits, family nurses establish positive, trusting relationships with young mums and use a range of interactive approaches and programme materials to help with things like how to care for a new baby, build a relationship and psychologically prepare for parenthood. Dads are also encouraged to be involved in the visits if mums are happy for them to be.

The programme aims to improve pregnancy outcomes, to improve child health and development and to improve the parents’ economic self-sufficiency. It is underpinned by an internationally recognised evidence base, which shows it can improve health, social and educational outcomes in the short, medium and long term, while also providing cost benefits. 

For more information about where FNP is delivered across England visit the Family Nurse Partnership National Unit website.

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