Family assessment service

Our specialist team offers multi-disciplinary parenting and family assessments for highly complex families. 

COVID-19 UPDATE: Service consultations are still operating  online via Zoom or by phone. 

We aim to help the families and Statutory Services to keep children safe. The families we assess often present with a range of complex issues and are experienced by professionals as “hard to engage”. An important part of our approach is an understanding of intergenerational factors affecting parental capacity.

We offer:

    Comprehensive Multidisciplinary family assessments to include:
    • Adult psychiatric assessments
    • Child psychiatric assessments
    • Psychological assessments
    • Cognitive assessments
    • Domestic violence risk and vulnerability assessments
    • Substance misuse assessments
    • Psychodynamically informed assessments of adults and children’s functioning
    • Child-focused assessments using a range of evidence-based observation tools
    • Assessment of reflective capacity across the lifespan (Adult Attachment Interview, Parent Development Interview and Pregnancy Interview).
    • Time limited trials of evidence based interventions 
    • Consultation to professionals and the wider professional network
    • Video Interaction Guidance supervision
    • Teaching and training

    Assessment and intervention

    We offer assessment and interventions tailored to each family’s needs. 

    Our assessments usually take eight weeks to complete but can be longer if there are additional complexities. During assessments we address various issues including possibilities for change in relation to family functioning, parenting and individual issues. We believe in the potential for change and we help children, young people and their families identify where change is possible. 

    At the beginning of our assessment, we meet with the family to introduce the assessment team. During the assessment process, we meet with each family member including the children over a number of weeks. At the end of our assessment, we provide a report and we meet with the family and the Statutory Services to discuss our recommendations.

    Intervention can include:

    • Video Interaction Guidance with families
    • Psychodynamic interventions 
    • Systemic interventions
    • Attachment-based interventions to assess and raise the quality of attachment

    Care proceedings

    While an independent specialist team, we can work with the statutory social worker to assist in the development of clinical skills in assessment and formulation of risk. We offer a service to assist statutory social workers to achieve the target of completing care proceedings within 26 weeks. This includes consultation to the social worker about how to structure and organise assessments or the evidence already gathered and to increase the expertise of the statutory social worker. This work can also be pre-birth and within the public law outline (PLO).

    This can lead to multi-disciplinary assessments or uni-disciplinary assessments if something more targeted and time-limited is required. 


    We are a multidisciplinary team of highly trained professionals from different specialties. Our team includes social workers, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, an adult psychiatrist, a clinical psychologist, a substance misuse specialist, a domestic abuse expert and clinicians with background in adult and child psychotherapy.

    The team works in an integrated way to provide a holistic formulation of the therapeutic and care needs of children and young people with complex presentations. We provide a clinically informed  opinion and advice on placement and contact issues.

    Hammersmith & Fulham and Westminster

    Children, young people and families in Hammersmith & Fulham and Westminster, where there is a high risk of severe parenting problems.

    We accept referrals from social workers in Hammersmith & Fulham and Westminster.

    020 8938 2505

    Tavistock Centre, 120 Belsize Lane London NW3 5BA