Cavendish Square Group

We must collectively strive to better understand, better treat and better meet London’s unique mental health needs.

Cavendish Square Group

The Cavendish Square Group offers a collective voice for the providers of NHS mental health services in London, and for the broader mental health community, including clinicians and patients. The aim of the group is to raise our voice for the cause of good mental health and our Chief Executive, Paul Jenkins, is an active member in the group. 

The Chief Executives of the ten NHS Trusts that provide mental health services in London have come together to ensure that mental health moves up London’s agenda. Mental health should be seen as a priority by individuals and employers, by parents and educators, by clinicians and policy makers. 

The Cavendish Square Group has three ambitions: 

  • to press for a reduction in the treatment gap for people with mental health problems
  • to make London the most mental health friendly workplace worldwide
  • to support the mental health and wellbeing of our young people. 

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