Michael O'Mahony: The dream of Cristiano Ronaldo and other drawings

Event overview


Exhibition: 10 November-2 January 2018 (9am-8pm Monday to Friday)

The works that will be on display at the Tavistock Centre form part of a series of drawings produced by Michael O’Mahony between 2013 and 2014. Made with felt-tip pen on paper, the drawings were initially produced in an art therapy group for adults, which O’Mahony was volunteering in.  O’Mahony continued producing the drawings after he left the group, with an increasing emphasis on documenting images recalled after dreaming. Each work comprises a combination of memory and improvisation, an attempt to fill in the gaps, not unlike the work of free association. Forgetting forms an intrinsic part of the work of memory, and lapses are often a source for creativity, even if something is always lost in the process of translation. O’Mahony’s felt-tip drawings exist within this space. The drawings are in one sense, deeply personal, but they are also generic and oblique.  If memories and dreams are retrospective fictions, and always open to future recontextualisation, then what is the nature of the spectator’s experience of the resulting work?     

Michael O'Mahony (b. 1985, Dublin) lives and works in London and studied Fine Art at Central St Martins.  

The exhibition will be accompanied by a text by Rye Holmboe.

November 2017 to January 2018