The internal world and inner journeys

Art exhibition overview

Open Exhibition

From Friday 1 April

To celebrate our Centenary, the Tavistock is hosting an Open Art Exhibition presenting an eclectic exhibition of artworks on the theme of:

The internal world and inner journeys

The exhibition is about inclusivity and engagement: amateurs and artists alike showcasing the imagination and creativity within our community. We are eager to collate as many different voices and forms of self-expression as possible, in order to reflect the diversity and distinctiveness of our experiences of mental health. 

Contributions are from students, staff members, service-users from the Tavistock and affiliated organisations, in addition to works by local artists engaging with the themes of mental health, who may in some instances have been influenced or inspired by their own struggles and therapeutic journeys.

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The Internal World and Inner Journeys
Art exhibition
The Tavistock Centre, London
April 2022 to May 2022