Video conferencing and security

27 April 2020

We are aware of publicity surrounding usage of various video conferencing platforms and security. As a Trust, we are confident we can use video conferencing safely and within our Trust guidelines. We have met with representatives from our providers and ensured all our settings are optimal and GDPR compliant.

The Trust will continue to monitor latest best practice, as we do with all technology and settings where sensitive clinical and educational activity takes place. No remote working platform is entirely risk-free, but we will continue ensure we adopt the most secure settings as these can change over time.

Our familiarity with video conferencing from our many years as of using these technologies as part of our education delivery also gives us an advantage. As with many products, familiarity with its usage and options enables us to pick the safest settings when we are using video conferencing across the Trust, including ensuring not storing any data on these platforms and ensuring routing of traffic for video and webinars stays within the EU.

We have published full guidance for staff on usage of video conferencing and regularly hold information technology seminars with our staff.


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