Public Governor elections – notice of poll

10 July 2017

We are pleased to announce qualifying members in the Camden and Rest of London constituencies will be receiving ballot papers from today to vote for our new public governors.  

Download the Notice of Poll for full details.

We opened nominations for our public governor vacancies earlier in June [now closed], inviting interested members to apply.  

Our Council of Governors cover a wide range of activity, often tailored to their particular skills and interests. For example, we have governor representation on our public and patient involvement committee – often governors who are the parents of our patients are interested in this committee where they can share their views and their children’s views about our services.

Meet the nominees - Camden

I have a long history of commitment to public service in Camden and London. As a local councillor in the 1970s I was a member of the Social Services Committee, Chair of Public Health and Chair of the Adoption Panel. I was the first chair of Victim Support.

I have been Chair of the Royal Free Hospital and until recently Chair of the North Middlesex Hospital. From 2001 to 2012 I was Chair of Camden Primary Care Trust and was the PCT’s representative on the Tavistock and Portman Trust. I took part in policy-making and decisions about Equality and Diversity, Education and Training discussions, and patient and public involvement events. My time at the Tavi was stimulating and instructive, and I feel I still have much to contribute to the Governing Body and the Trust.

I am particularly interested in Criminal Justice and Mental Health (having been also a prison visitor and a Magistrate) the relationship between the Tavi and the Primary Care Services, the Health and Well-being of Children, and Mental Health Research. This latter springs from my chairing the Closure of Friern Hospital between 1983-91.

I have chaired the North East London Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards for the last eight years which has given me insight into the professional lives of London’s leading Medical and Surgical practitioners.

If elected I will bring to the Governing Body a detailed knowledge of the needs of Camden’s diverse population as well as the public services and the voluntary sector.

Declaration of Interests

Political Party: None

Financial or other interest in the Trust: None

CelestineI recall growing up in the Midlands in the 1960s as a child of immigrant parents, at a time when mental health issues were not on the agenda. If you were experiencing mental health problems, you just had to “get on with it”. We have come a long way since then, but still have further to go.

I have had a fulfilling career in education working with young people, first as a teacher, then as an advisor and inspector in an inner London borough. It was very clear to me that many young people were unable to fulfill their potential due to undiagnosed and untreated mental health issues. These often showed up as poor behaviour, unwillingness to learn and an inability to settle and concentrate. The parents of these children were frequently also experiencing difficulties as a result of their economic and social circumstances.

Since taking early retirement, I have worked as a coach in the charitable sector, helping young people who have dropped out of school, but are trying to make something of their lives. Social deprivation often contributes to their mental health problems.

I have lived in Camden for seventeen years, a borough richly ethnically and socially diverse.  As a member of Camden’s ethnic minority population, I believe I can add an additional perspective to the work of the Trust’s governing body and support it in its work of meeting the needs of all sectors of the borough’s population, particularly those groups which are underrepresented as service users.

Declaration of Interests:

Political Party: The Labour Party

Financial or other interest in the Trust: None

Hi, my name is Ali, and I’m a refugee.Ali

I’d like your backing to be Governor because of my mother. She has been a patient at the trust. I’ve been there with her every step of the way, from her journey from the realisation that she needs help to receiving care from the amazing staff.

The Trust provides care for a diverse group of patients, from new migrants to refugees and longtime residents from BME communities. This diversity of patients should be reflected in the diversity of the board of governors.

A diverse board has fewer blind spots and makes better decisions.

In my professional life, I’m a storyteller and a digital campaigner. I simply complex issues. I use human stories and digital tools to persuade people to act for positive change in the world. I have worked at the campaigning organisation, 38 Degrees and energy start-up, the Big Deal.

Now, I work the Trades Union Congress and Chair of Trustees of the human rights charity RightsInfo.

If you do have any questions for me, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email

I hope to hear from you.


Declaration of Interests:

Political Party: None

Financial or other interest in the Trust: None

Meet the nominees - Rest of London

KeithI wish to apply to be elected to the Council of Governors of the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust

I began my working life as a physics teacher, teaching in England, and for a period of seven years, in Zambia, where our two sons were born.

I then moved into commerce, and after a period in financial services as a salesman, I progressed to be Global Training Director for a London based investment bank.

For the past 17 years I have been a self employed executive coach and trainer helping individuals and groups communicate more effectively.

I also volunteer as a mentor and trainer for a charity that arranges a year of paid work in various companies, for students who take a year out, either pre university or as undergraduates.

I am married to Frances, who is group therapist, and who is currently Chair of the institute of Group Analysis.

I care deeply about the wellbeing and mental health of all people and especially that of the younger members of our community.

Declaration of Interests:

Political Party: The Labour Party

Financial or other interest in the Trust: None

SimonWhen I saw there were elections for the Council of Governors at the Tavistock and Portman I leapt at the opportunity to put myself forward.

I am a 33 year old Londoner from an Egyptian background, who has spent 8 years working in the media, and is now pursuing a career in counselling.

I am very passionate about mental health. I want to be part of the movement of people who are providing support, campaigning and advocating for those who are suffering and need care.

So why me?

I’ve had therapy at the Tavistock Clinic. This means I have an intimate understanding of the kind of care that the centre provides, but through my studies and my counselling elsewhere I also have a good idea of what other support is out there.

I straddle cultures. This is vitally important as studies show that minority groups can suffer mental health issues more acutely, and stigma attached to these problems can be far greater. This is something I have personal experience of. Straddling both cultures gives me an important insight into the issues that affect many Londoners.

I’ve lived abroad for several years, travelled widely, met a huge variety of people with various issues in my career as a journalist. This rich life experience stands me in good stead for the position of governor. My work as a journalist will also help me scrutinise the work of the trust and put forward arguments as necessary if things needs to change.

Declaration of Interests:

Political Party: None

Financial or other interest in the Trust: None

KrisI have over 25 years experience working in mental health in different parts of London. Much of this work has been with people struggling with severe mental disturbance.

I have extensive experience working in the NHS, as a clinician and a manager, and in the last 5 years have worked in a pupil referral unit with young people excluded from mainstream education. 

Many of these young people have multiple layers of trauma to manage.

My work as a music therapist enables me access to creative and flexible processes, helpful in the task of management, where balancing thinly spread services can all too easily result in compromised care.  I am passionate about finding ways to continue to think, and to make meaningful connections that consider properly the complex nature of the human condition, even in the current climate of austerity.

I am passionate about working to enable people to live alongside their mental health difficulties, seeking ways to shift or break ongoing cycles of damage.  Accessing the right help can make positive difference to individuals and families, offering significant benefit to the bigger long-term financial picture.

I attended my first course at the Tavistock in 1994.  More recently I completed a Master’s Training in adolescent work.  I value this training, and its ongoing impact on my work, enormously.

I believe in the work of the Tavistock and, if elected, would work to protect and ensure its continued growth.

Declaration of Interests:

Political Party: None

Financial or other interest in the Trust: None

Richard Mark MurrayI became a governor of Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust in April 2016 for three principal reasons. Firstly, and most simply, as a Chalk Farm resident I saw the importance of mental health provision in reducing suffering, saving lives and turning around fortunes every day on Camden’s streets. I am standing for re-election as a councilor for the Rest of London as I have recently moved house, across the border to Islington.

Secondly, health provision, mental health services and specifically the Tavi are all on the cusp of big changes. I believe I add a younger but not inexperienced perspective to the council and have enjoyed the past year. I feel my expertise from working as an advisor to central government and leading change programme in Victim Support can help navigate these choppy waters and engage and inform you the Trust members.

I have a good understanding of the strategies, institutions and structures of the next period of health policy. My experience with service redesigns will prove invaluable in assessing our Sustainability and Transformation Plan and our ongoing relocation project.

Lastly, I believe in the efficacy of the wide spectrum of interventions that the Tavi provide. I have seen friends benefit immensely from therapy based care. The Tavi not only provide this care but – as a teaching hospital – stand for it. That is special. It needs to be protected and nourished to ensure the future and growth of the Trust.

Declaration of Interests:

Political Party: None

Financial or other interest in the Trust: None

MichaelI have had a long association with the Tavistock Clinic, including as a visiting teacher and research supervisor on its Psychoanalytic Studies, Child Psychotherapy, Social Work and Consultancy courses.

I was closely involved in the development of its academic partnership with the University of East London, which has led to the award of many hundreds of postgraduate degrees over more than 20 years. I am acquainted with many members of staff and students at the Tavistock.

I have had substantial relevant experience as a staff governor of the University of East London, and as a trustee of several charities, including Open Door (the Young People’s Counselling Service in Haringey), the Amiel-Melburn Trust, and the Stuart Hall Foundation.

The Tavistock, like many other public service providers, is under great financial and political pressures at the present time.  I am concerned that its distinctive qualities  and world-wide reputation, and the high professional standards of its practice should be defended in this context.  I believe that its expertise in its specialist and multi-disciplinary fields are among its principal assets. I have always been committed to making high quality therapeutic resources available as public services in the community.

These are the commitments I would bring to the role of a member of the Council of Governors.

Declaration of Interests:

Political Party: Labour

Financial or other interest in the Trust: I am a visiting Professor and teacher, but I am paid for my work through my part-time contract at the University of East London, in the context of the University’s partnership arrangement with the Trust, and in no other way.

ManishaI became a carer for my twin brother at the age of 18, who was diagnosed with mental illness as a result of severe bullying at school. 

I am now 36 and his condition is such that he requires 1:1 care. An adult who once lived a normal life – an adult who has not been able to verbally communicate as we do for 15 years. 

It is this real life experience that has urged me to stand for election. 

Honoured with an MBE for services to football and diversity in sport in the 2017 New Years Honours list, a trained head-teacher by profession and a UEFA B licenced football coach. 

I have committed to championing mental health and helping adults with such problems through a sport initiative that I created hosted at a local non-league football club. I feel my strategic leadership experience along with my experience as a carer will contribute to the existing model within the trust. 

My connection to the trust is through my aunt who is the Finance Manager. I hope to share my passion and knowledge of how sport can play a pivotal role in shaping societal views on mental health as well as helping those affected to lead a positive and healthier lifestyle.

Declaration of Interests:

Political Party: None

Financial or other interest in the Trust: None


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