Our response to the Sunday Times article on gender diverse young people and schools published on Sunday 21 January 2018

23 January 2018

In a Sunday Times article published on Sunday 21 January, a member of our Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) staff is quoted as saying that schools “rush in on the merest hint to label pupils as transgender”. This is an inaccurate account of what Dr Bernadette Wren said. She made the point that at GIDS we see a very wide range of young people and that each one of them requires a tailored approach. She applauded schools for doing their best to accommodate young gender diverse people. She also added that schools inevitably have to have protocols and guidance that might not be entirely appropriate for everyone.

Dr Wren made it very clear that she was not saying that schools are getting it wrong. In particular, she made the point that schools would obviously not be advised to act on the ‘whisper’ of gender diversity. At no point did Dr Wren say that schools are doing this and to imply so strongly that she said this is deeply misleading and wilfully mischievous.

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