Our new governors

1 November 2018

Elections to the Council of Governors for our Trust are now complete, and we can announce the successful candidates. 

Family leaving Tavistock Centre

We had vacancies for external Governors representing Camden, the Rest of London (x4), and the Rest of England and Wales (x2). We also had a vacancy for a Staff Governor, representing Clinical, Academic and Senior Staff.

Voting was completed October 30, with the following candidates elected by our members:

  • Camden: Juliet Singer
  • Rest of London: Marcus Jordan Evans
  • Rest of London: Noel Hess
  • Rest of London: Salma Asokomhe
  • Rest of London: Julia Wall
  • Rest of England and Wales: George Thomas Wilkinson
  • Rest of England and Wales: Kimberley Wilson

The following candidate was elected by our staff:

  • Staff (Clinical, Academic, Senior): Jessica Anglin D’Christian

Paul Burstow, Chair of the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust said:

“We were delighted to have such a strong field of candidates put themselves forward for our governor vacancies, and my congratulations goes to not only the elected, but all the nominated candidates. 

“Alongside our Chief Executive Paul Jenkins, I look forward to working closely with our new governors, and I thank all our members and staff for participating in the election process.” 

Report of voting 1
Report of voting 2
Report of voting 3

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