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6 July 2020

Our trust experts Laverne Antrobus and Stephen Blumenthal have made recent appearances in the media to discuss COVID-19.

Laverne Antrobus, Child & Educational Psychologist, joined Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield on BBC World Service Newshour today to discuss child mental health during COVID-19. Laverne responds to the discussion about the negative impact the lack of schooling and social isolation may be having on children of all ages. 

Listen now via iPlayer. [The interview is available from approximately 36 minutes into the programme]

Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalyst Stephen Blumenthal has written a comment piece for the Telegraph about the easing of lockdown restrictions.

“We have been confined to our homes for months, and now tentatively take our first steps into the world, wary of others and worried about our economic well-being. We are more vulnerable than ever. Our now fragile capacity for reflection teeters on the brink of a state of public irrationality.”

Stephen also spoke with the Economist about psychoanalysis in the time of coronavirus with in the latest issue of the Economist's 1843 Magazine. 

"Since London locked down to stem the spread of covid-19 Blumenthal has turned to teletherapy, as many other psychotherapists have, tuning into the minds and dream-worlds of patients via Skype and Zoom. Video calling has changed the dynamic between analyst and patient. “There is an ever-present loss of what once was,” says Blumenthal, 53, who works both for the NHS and in private practice. “You were once two people in a room together. You can never reclaim this through technology.”

Read the full article now: https://www.1843magazine.com/1843/the-virtual-couch


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