New Parenting Adolescents & Young Adults Group

20 April 2018

Our Adolescent and Young Adult Service (AYAS) is launching a new group for parents and carers of young people aged 16 to 25.  

Adult group discussion

If you are a parent or carer of an adolescent or young adult aged 16-25 and are concerned about their mental health, this group may be for you. 

You may be finding it hard to understand them or what they are going through and feel unsure about how best to respond. This could be putting a strain on your relationship with them and/or on other relationships within the family. 

We will provide a confidential space for parents to meet at a regular time on a weekly basis for 10-12 weeks, and offer an opportunity to talk about your challenges and to think together with other parents/carers about your child’s behaviour and functioning. 

The aim will be to support you towards a better understanding of your adolescent or young adult and to find more helpful ways of responding to them.

The group will be facilitated by two clinicians from AYAS who will use their knowledge and experience of working with this age range to support the group in achieving its aim.

Who can attend?

Referrals will be considered for single parents, couples or anyone who is in a parental role with an adolescent or young adult between 16 and 25 years. You may be eligible to refer yourself directly or it may be necessary for you to request a referral from your GP. 

This will be dependent on which London borough you live in. If there is already a professional working with your family you can ask them to contact us on your behalf to discuss the possibility of referring you.

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If you have any questions or are interested in joining the group, please contact the facilitators, Frank Lowe, Consultant Social Worker or Elisabeth Berman, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist.

Call 0208 938 2326 or email parentcons.service at