Media mentions: Our experts on COVID-19

10 June 2020

Our Trust experts have been active in the news media in recent weeks, discussing coronavirus and the mental health impact of the pandemic.

Laverne Antrobus, Child & Educational Psychologist, featured on ITV news and Good Morning Britain this morning, discussing the prospect of children returning to school and mental health wellbeing. A clip from Good Morning Britain is available here and a Daily Mail write-up of the story is also available.

Jo Stubley, consultant psychiatrist and clinical psychoanalyst, was among the health experts interviewed by the Observer about the psychological cost of Covid-19.  “If we were prepared to clap for our health workers, we should also be insisting that they are looked after in the wake of this emergency,” says Jo Stubley. “I want to be optimistic about that, but the market economy has been a disaster for the health service and, within it, mental health has always been the poor sibling. I have spent years saying to my managers, we need more resources, too many people are waiting. If there was no room in the system before this began, what will happen when it ends and we are in the middle of another recession?”

Stephen Blumenthal, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalyst, writes for the Telegraph about the psychological cost of Covid-19 as vulnerable people come out of lockdown. “I was at first surprised that a good number of my more troubled patients found lockdown a relief when it began. Covid-19 turned psychopathology on its head: those suffering from OCD, hypochondriasis, paranoia and depression became the new normal.”

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