Improving our accommodation – update

3 February 2017

The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust has re-affirmed its commitment to moving to a new site within the borough of Camden.

The Tavistock Centre, letterbox format

In September 2015 the Board of Directors and Council of Governors jointly agreed that the preferred option to secure the future of the Trust was to look for new premises.

Late last year it became apparent that the decision to leave the European Union may have an impact on the financial considerations involved in relocation – potentially affecting both the cost of construction at a new site, and the income gained from selling existing assets.  In reviewing the options we have also taken account of number of significant and helpful issues about the project raised by members of the Council of Governors.  These have included the need to look further at the costs and feasibility of staying on our current site and a number of aspects of our plans if we were to move.

In light of this, the Board of Directors requested a fresh review of the Trust’s future accommodation options, including a new building condition survey and an outline of revised costs.  Having carefully reviewed the options, the Board concluded that relocation remained the most financially viable option, and the best way to alleviate existing space issues, provide the best facilities to patients, staff and students and ensure the long term future of the Trust. 

This week we have consulted the Council of Governors on this decision, with whom we have worked closely over the period of the review.  They have indicated their support for the decision to proceed to developing a Full Business Case for a new site.

Timelines are still being developed, but any move would not take place until sometime in 2021. This move will affect the Tavistock Centre on Belsize Lane, with decisions about other external locations to be made at a later date.

We will be holding events in the lead up to relocation and consulting widely on design. Current and former service users, members, and alumni will be kept abreast of opportunities to feed into the process and are invite to contribute their views on relocation via

The current home of the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation was opened in May 1967 by HRH Princess Marina.

Paul Jenkins, Chief Executive said: “Providing high quality care is our primary concern and this move will allow us to continue to deliver excellent care to our patients and an outstanding learning environment for our students. 

“There won’t be any immediate change as the move isn’t planned until 2021, but we will ensure our patients, alumni, members, and students are consulted and updated as the project progresses.”

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