Hot off the press – order your copy of our 2019/2020 prospectus

30 November 2018

We are delighted to announce the launch of our 2019/2020 prospectus. Inside you will find details of the wide range of postgraduate courses we offer.

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Brian Rock, our Dean of Postgraduate Studies and Director of Education and Training, says: “Our training programmes fundamentally assist learners to develop their capacity for reflectiveness and personal awareness, foster engagement with others and build resilience. These competencies will enable you to make a powerful contribution to meet the emotional and psychological needs of the people we strive to help.”

Paul Jenkins, our Chief Executive, says: “Welcome to the Tavistock and Portman 2019/20 prospectus. Education and training continues to thrive at the Trust. Once again, 2018/19 saw a growth in our student numbers and pleasingly this was accompanied by a further increase in student satisfaction as revealed by our annual student survey. We are proud to see the Trust continue to occupy a leading position in the training of the mental health, health, social care and social work professionals of the future.”

Cover of our prospectus for annual year 2019/2020

This year the cover of the prospectus was taken from ‘The Tavistock and Portman Banner’ which was a collaborative project between artist in residence Rachael Causer and banner maker Ed Hall during 2017-2018. They worked closely with service users, families and staff to design and make a visual emblem, celebrating the work of the Trust and its community. At the heart of the project was a close engagement with people using services, via workshops, discussion sessions, and a postcard exchange asking what the Tavistock and Portman meant to service users.

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