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3 September 2018

North London Partners in Health and Care are launching a review of adult elective orthopaedic care services across North Central London. The draft case for change has been released – have your say and help shape the future of these services.

North London Partners in Health and Care is a partnership which represents Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), health providers and local authorities in North Central London (Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Haringey and Islington).

What happens now?

Elective orthopaedic care is currently delivered in 10 different sites in the area and the NHS believes there may be opportunities to improve the quality and the outcomes of that care, and of the staff experience in providing that care. 

What is the review looking at?

The draft Case for Change is a statement of the rationale for the review and no decisions have been made about the detailed service model, number or location of services. 

The draft Case for Change sets out the rationale and evidence for creating a smaller number of specialist hub centres with ring-fenced facilities to carry out adult elective orthopaedic hand, ankle, foot, hip, knee and shoulder surgery. Emergency orthopaedic care will still be delivered at local hospitals.

What happens next?

Following the engagement phase, and based on what they hear from stakeholders, the Partners will then develop a firm set of proposals. Much later in the process, formal public consultation may be required if options for service changes are proposed.  Decisions will be taken by the Joint Commissioning Committee of the five NCL clinical commissioning groups. 

The draft ‘Case for Change’

The Partners have published their draft Case for Change and would invite you to take a look and let them know your thoughts. This is the start of a comprehensive pre-consultation engagement programme which is expected to run into the Spring of 2019. There will be many opportunities for both staff and patients to contribute.

The case for change, online questionnaires and further information can be found at:

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