The Gender Identity Development Service on Panorama: “Trans Kids: Why Medicine Matters”

26 February 2019

Yesterday evening (25 February 2019) our Gender Identity Development Service appeared on the BBC’s current affairs programme Panorama. The focus of the programme was on how much we know about what the best care is for children presenting with gender identity issues.

The presenter Dr Faye Kirkland asked questions about puberty blocking drugs and what is meant by reversible interventions. The programme interviewed the Head of the Gender Identity Development Service, Dr Polly Carmichael. Polly offered a measured and honest account about our approach and the limitations of our knowledge, set in a context where it is impossible to ignore the distress experienced by the young people and their families while the evidence base is still developing. The programme presented the complexities of the work well, and brings it to life through Jade, a former patient who was approached directly by Panorama.

panorama - portrait of Jade

Trans Kids: Why Medicine Matters

“More young people than ever are exploring their gender identity. Last year, two and a half thousand under-eighteens were referred to NHS England's gender identity  clinics for support. Some are hoping to get access to potentially irreversible treatments as soon as they can. Doctors are divided about the best way to help.Dr Faye Kirkland investigates how much we understand about the care being offered to transgender children.”

Watch the episode on the BBC website now »

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