Gender Identity and private hormone treatments

27 February 2017

There was discussion on BBC 5 Live this weekend about private hormone treatment outside the Gender Identity Development Service. Our view on this issue:

The wellbeing of young people – both psychosocial and physical wellbeing – is our prime concern. The Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) does not offer shared care with non-NHS clinicians, although we understand that some young people and their families may choose to access hormone treatments outside of the service or without medical supervision at an earlier point than is set out in the current NHS England specification.

Where possible, GIDS clinicians will make the young person and their family/carers aware of the risks, contraindications and any irreversible or partly reversible effects of any interventions, however we are not able to provide ongoing clinical supervision for the management of hormone treatments prescribed or accessed outside the service. GIDS will still provide psychosocial support with input from our multi-disciplinary team of health professionals (psychologists, psychiatrists, family therapists and child and adolescent psychotherapists).

Young people who have accessed treatment outside the NHS can of course decide to have treatment by GIDS once the young person meets the access criteria set out in the service specification and has been fully assessed by the multi-disciplinary team, and a care plan is agreed. If required, GIDS will, with the consent of the client and their family/carers, review and evaluate the records of any prior mental health assessments or treatments, and liaise as necessary with any previous provider, to obtain the results of baseline examinations and laboratory tests.

For the position as stated in the NHS specification see page 32, section 3.5.3.


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