How Demi and Maisie feel about taking part

Century Films: So you’ve seen the film?

Demi: Yeah.

CF: What did you think?

D: I liked it. I was a bit torn – I was worried it was going to be all sad, or all happy, but it’s a combination of both. It’s good combination of me; you see me bouncing about going ‘I want chocolate’ and stuff like that, but you also see me at my worst and you see the two different sides to me. I’s the best thing I done so far, I think – it’s certainly a life experience that will stick with me. I’m really proud that I’ve done something that not many people would dare to do.

D: At first I was like, damn, what do I say? How much information do I reveal to them? How open can I be? I think it made me open up a bit more.

CF: Why else did you want to share your story?

D: If I didn’t, who would? Of course there would be someone else. I wanted it to be for me. I wanted to be at least one person to help. What I’ve done for the programme – it might not be a lot to get rid of stigma, but it’s a start.

CF: Are you looking forward to this film coming out?

D: Very excited. I’m proud of it. It’s something I like. I want people to see it now. It’s my life and I want people to have their own opinions about it, to open a mind or two.

Maisie: It’s like a big weight of your chest, because people know that you’re not just ‘weird’, you’re not just badly behaved; that you’re ill.

M: As I got to know you and Tim it was a lot easier and I felt that I could open up to you guys and it was a good experience. I’m glad I’ve done it. And I’d probably do it again. I think it’s very good. It’s quite difficult for me to watch personally, because there are some incidents during it which I find difficult to watch back. But I think it’s a very good perspective of what goes on in my life.

CF: Why did you let us in?

M: Because I’m not afraid anymore. And no matter how embarrassing people might think it is, if you’ve got an illness like that, it’s just a side-effect. Yeah, it’s not the best thing that could happen, but I wanted to share the way I am. I have a lot more understanding of who I am. And happiness, I guess, because I’ve just learned to accept who I am.

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