How Josh, Danya-Leigh and Luke feel about taking part

Last chance school

Century Films: Do you mind answering some questions?

Josh: Yeah, sure.

I’d say it was very fun. It wasn’t that hard. I think filming some of the harder bits was interesting and maybe quite difficult.

CF: Tell me more about filming the difficult bits

Josh: Filming the difficult things made me feel happier, because people can now see how I feel when I’m disappointed or angry; people can see what a big impact it has on me.

Before I watched it I was a bit nervous about what would be in it – if there were any bits about me that were bad. When I watched it I thought it was actually quite good, and it showed everything that people need to know. And now, after watching it I think I can’t wait for it to go on TV and I think it’s going to be really cool.

I used to never tell people about my background story or anything like that. Now if people do see it and they ask me questions, I can be a lot more open. People can get to know me a bit better.

For people that have had a great life, and who’re still having a great life, they’re really lucky, and they should think of themselves as lucky. But those children who haven’t had such a good life, as I have, they have to see that there is still hope and a pretty good chance that they are going to grow up to be nice adults, and have a pretty good life like I have.

Danya-Leigh: I loved being in the channel four documentary, and thinking about people knowing me as a nice big girl. The school sometimes can be really good and bad. So that’s why I love being in the documentary.

Danya-Leigh [controlling the camera]: Mum, how did you go when I did the documentary?

Danya-Leigh’s mum: I thought it was very insightful. It was needed. I thought that it was a good way for all you children to have some way to express yourselves. Because like you say, you don’t always like people thinking of you as a bad child, do you?

DL: No

M: Because you’re not a bad child are you?

DL: No.

Century Films: So. Mr Lukey.

Hi. I am really proud of the video, and if other people see it I hope they’re going to be proud of it as well. It will help other people, as they can see how well our anger issues are and how it’s changed over the past. Also, I do not like the swearing in it and I know that I have some hard bits on that film. But if people don’t see your bad side, they don’t know what you’re about. I want to see it again, that’s all.

CF: We were very lucky to have you in it Luke.

L: Yeah, you’re very lucky. I mean it, you are.

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