Trust strategic objectives 2020-21

In 2020-21, the Trust aims to build on its position as a distinctive provider of quality mental health services and training and education including taking the opportunity to expand its activities into new areas of work in and outside the NHS, where aligned with our Mission and Values

The Trust’s objectives are focused on the quadruple aim of:

  1. Delivering better health outcomes to the populations we serve
  2. Continuously improving the experience of those who use our services
  3. Improving and enhancing the wellbeing of those who work for us
  4. Ensuring we always use our financial resources wisely

This will be done through a focus on:

  • People
  • Services
  • Growth
  • Finance and governance


  1. Increase the pace of progress in achieving equality of opportunity across the organisation including a particular focus on race equality and disability. 
  2. Strengthen the engagement with the Trust’s workforce addressing issues highlighted in the 2019 staff survey.
  3. Develop an updated People Strategy for the Trust with a focus on future workforce needs and addressing staff welfare and morale.
  4. In line with Trust’s service and financial requirements, progress the Trust’s long-term plans for the Tavistock Clinic site.
  5. Develop and operationalise a strategic plan for high quality and financially sustainable clinical and educational services.
  6. Contribute actively to the development of models of integrated care in Camden and across North Central London.
  7. Complete implementation of the recommendations of the GIDS Review and any wider lessons from the Review for the Trust’s services.