What does the Council of Governors do?

As a member of our Foundation Trust, you have a vote in our Governor elections – but what does the Council of Governors actually do?

George Wilkinson, our former Public Governor representing the ‘Rest of England and Wales’, said:

“As governors at the Tavistock, we are very much involved in and valued by the Trust. We make sure that our members’ voices are heard. We play a critical role in ensuring that the Trust remains publicly accountable for its services."

“We come from a wide range of backgrounds, bringing very different skills, experiences and interests, but as governors we have a common purpose - to do what we can to ensure that the Tavistock thrives and prospers for the benefit of its patients, their families and their carers, and its people.”

Below we describe some of the concrete actions that Governors take to make sure your voice is heard.

Guardians of our mission and values

The Council of Governors act as the guardians of our Trust’s mission and values. When our Board of Directors makes any decisions that might appear to conflict with these principles, the Council of Governors challenges them.

Read all about our mission and values on our public website

“I believe it is time for me to give something back and I can do this by being a Governor. I consider it a privilege to serve as a Governor and be the voice for my colleagues and will perform my role with energy, enthusiasm and integrity.” Badri Houshidar, Staff Governor (admin and technical)

Your link to the Board

Governors are the link between you as a member, and our Board of Directors.

The Board steers the direction of our Trust’s activities and make decisions about our services. The Council of Governors is responsible for representing the views of members and partner organisations to this Board. They also feed what they have learned back about decisions and performance to the Trust and our membership. They provide this feedback to you across many channels, including this newsletter and upcoming Trust events.

Don’t forget, you can contact our governors to let them know your thoughts and priorities on governors@Tavi-Port.nhs.uk.

“The role of a governor is to support the accountability of the organisation to service users, the wider community and commissioners alongside encouraging plans for the future direction of services.” Sheena Bolland, Public Governor (Rest of England and Wales)

Appointments, pay and performance

Our Governors have a number of statutory responsibilities as part of their role in holding the Board of Directors to account. These include:

  • Appoint and remove our Chair and non-executive Directors
  • Appoint and remove external auditors
  • Approve the appointment of the Chief Executive
  • Decide the pay and terms of office for the Chair and non-executive Directors
  • Receive the annual report and accounts
  • Contribute to our annual plan
  • Ensure that the Trust operates in accordance with its terms of authorisation
  • Hold the Board of Directors to account for the performance of the Trust

“I care passionately about well-being that involves good mental and physical health. The Tavi does some exceptional and valuable work in pursuit of areas of mental health that are too often under looked or under-valued.” Richard Mark Murray, Public Governor (Rest of London)

Attending quarterly Council meetings

The Governors attend our quarterly Council meetings. Many governors also attend additional Trust committee meetings, and involve themselves in various projects taking place within the Trust, depending on their role, expertise and interests.

As a member of our Foundation Trust, you are welcome to attend the Council of Governors meetings to watch our Governors in action. These are ‘meetings in public’ rather than ‘public meetings’, so members are not invited to participate during the meetings themselves. Please remember that you are always welcome to share your thoughts, ideas, issues and priorities with our governors, you can get in touch by emailing: governors@Tavi-Port.nhs.uk

Find out about upcoming Council of Governor meetings on our website.