Trust Chair and Non-Executive Director (NED) recruitment

We are seeking to appoint our next Trust Chair and two new Non-Executive Directors.

To apply and find out more visit this microsite. The closing date for applications is 14 February 2022.

Following five and a half years and the approaching end of a second term, Paul Burstow, our current Trust Chair, is stepping down and we are seeking his replacement. At our most recent Annual General Meeting a motion was passed to add two further Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) to the Board. We are now looking to appoint our next Trust Chair and two new NEDs.

These roles offer the opportunity to lead the Trust as it embarks on the next stage of its transformational journey. For the NED posts we are particularly looking for people who can bring broader clinical expertise, and higher education expertise, to our integrated Board. All three roles will be a voice for the communities we serve, so we particularly welcome applications from across the spectrums of diversity.

The Trust Chair and NEDs sit on our Board of Directors’. The role of the Board is to provide effective and proactive leadership of the Trust within a framework of processes, procedures and controls which enable risk to be assessed and managed. The Trust Chair leads the Board, which is accountable to our Council of Governors.

NEDs are independent people who offer a broad variety of skills and a commitment to our values. They work with the executive directors to set our strategy and ensure we perform well. They are appointed by our Council of Governors and can serve up to two terms of office of three years each.

Paul Burstow current Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust Chair said:

‘We need a chair who will come in and really recognize that there is a critical task of delivering this transformation that our strategic review has been all about. So it's taking the work that will have been done up until the point they arrive as chair and making sure that it is fit for purpose. But then really making sure that the implementation is as robust and thorough as the development of the plan has been up until now.

We need someone who's very much focused on delivery within the organization and making sure we are good at the follow through on the commitments we've made, both on the strategic review and particularly on diversity. It has to be someone who can give confidence to the board, someone who really understands the need to work as a partner within the system.

Shalini Sequeira, Non-Executive Director at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust said:

‘We need lots of different voices at board, we need different people with different backgrounds and different perspectives, because I genuinely believe then we get the right level of challenge and the right decisions being made. I would encourage anybody who thinks that's a great challenge, even if they've never been a non-executive before, to think about what they can bring, what their different perspective is, and to really consider this opportunity.’

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