Stephen Blumenthal

Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalyst

Dr Stephen Blumenthal is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalyst at the Portman Clinic. He is primarily a clinician. In addition to this his work includes teaching and training, consultancy, writing and research. His particular areas of interest include psychotherapy outcome and process and risk. He is interested in understanding complex presentations and the impact these have upon practitioners.


Research activities

Risk: A Relational Perspective

Innovations in assessing and managing risk

Our forthcoming book offers an innovative framework for thinking about risk. Our approach blends mainstream empirical approaches, developmental psychopathology, attachment theory and psychoanalysis into a comprehensive model to aid practitioners working with people with complex presentations.

Implicit attitudes and enactment

We are studying the association between implicit attitudes and their relation with acting out behaviours. Most research in this area relies on explicitly stated attitudes which tend to invite a socially desirable response set. We are interested in whether individuals who have an implicit association between intimacy and fear and aggression and excitement are more likely to engage in dangerous enactment.

Psychotherapy process and outcome

We are engaged in studying outcome in psychotherapy at the Portman Clinic. Anecdotal evidence suggests that psychotherapy results in a reduction in enactment in the patients we see. This study will compare individuals in treatment with a matched control group.


Stephen Blumenthal

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