Martin Gill

Psychoanalytic psychotherapist and psychoanalyst

Martin Gill is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and psychoanalyst in Manchester. He works in the NHS and privately. Martin initially trained as a general nurse then undertook post-graduate studies to train as a mental health nurse. Since then he has been involved in therapies training as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and then psychoanalyst. He is clinical lead in an outpatient eating disorder service. He is interested in the application of psychoanalytic ideas within mental health systems and more widely. He is a staff member of the IOPA northern clinic services and also works as a consultant to organisations offering psychoanalytic applications within staff and management groups.

Manchester has been offering a D58 for around 6 years and works closely with the the courses(s) in Leeds which offers both D58 and D59. Many of our D58 graduates go on to study for D59 in Leeds. The close working relationship between these sites in the north offers a route for students to study and gain a professional qualification as a psychodynamic psychotherapist registered with the BPC. There is also a group running regular CPD events and conferences which further support the learning environment in the North of England. These events are based in Manchester and Martin is a member of the events committee. The Manchester course is smaller than either London or Leeds and can offer a different learning environment which students regard as very positive. There is growing and vibrant psychoanalytic community in the north of England, which Manchester D58 is part of.