Linda Young

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Linda Young BA MSc TQAP MBPAS is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalyst with over 20 years clinical, teaching and supervising experience; her special areas of expertise include working with adolescents and young adults, and working within the field of trauma.  She been part of the Tavistock Trauma Service since 1990 and set up the “Understanding Trauma” course, together with Caroline Garland (now retired) in 1997 - organising and teaching on the course since then. 

With a strong clinical commitment, she is head of Intake and of one of the two main clinical teams in the Adolescent and Young Adult Service and heads the Young People’s Consultation Service, a 4 session, self-referral service.  Her work as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist in the Adolescent and Young Adult Service dates from 1997.

Linda works closely with Jo Stubley, the Head of the Tavistock Trauma Service, and has in recent years run the fortnightly service meetings with her, as well as engaging in regular teaching commitments.

Linda has frequently lectured on the topic of the aftermath of traumatic experiences and on the impact of trauma experienced in adolescence, as well as teaching on the theory and practice of psychoanalytically based work during the adolescent and young adult period of life, and in the aftermath of traumatic events, experienced at any point during life.


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Research activities

Trial clinician on REDIT (randomized evaluation of Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy vs CBT)


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Linda Young