Francesca Hume

Course lead

Francesca Hume first trained as a clinical psychologist. After a period of research in Central America examining the impact of war and trauma on ex-combatants she returned to the UK, specialising first as a forensic clinical psychologist before joining the Adult Department at the Tavistock Clinic to train there in the mid 90’s. She has since also trained as an psychoanalyst with the British Psychoanalytic Society.

She is now a Fellow of the British Psychoanalytical Society and a Consultant Psychologist at the Tavistock where she is Course Lead on the Tavistock’s Adult Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training and is the Head of the Adult Psychology Discipline.

Her theoretical interests include Kleinian and post-Kleinian theory which she teaches - and she has presented and published analytic papers on Omnipotence and Projective Identification, Depression and the Manic Defence and modern understandings of the Oedipus Complex. She has also published papers on Bion and Group Analysis and Trauma. As well as analytic work, she has a particular clinical interest in working with groups. She also has a private analytic practice and runs clinical seminars in the UK and abroad.


  • Interdisciplinary training in adult psychotherapy (M1)

    This course is the most advanced psychoanalytic psychotherapy training in the UK for people working in the public sector and is accredited by the...