Emma-Kate Kennedy

Educational Psychologist

Emma-Kate Kennedy DEdPsy CPsychol AFBPsS qualified as a teacher in Ireland in 2000, and taught for two years in designated disadvantaged areas, working primarily with children with complex needs and their families. She moved to the UK in 2002 to complete the MSc in Educational Psychology at University College London (UCL), and in 2003 took up a post with the Educational Psychology Service at the London Borough of Southwark.

She then worked in the Early Intervention Team, eventually become a Senior EP there and the borough's Manager for Vulnerable Children 0-6. In 2010, Emma was appointed to an integrated services management post, as well as the Lead for Educational Psychology. After this, she was a part of the Early Help Service, managing an integrated team of EPs, education welfare officers, social workers, family support providers, early years practitioners, etc.

In 2013, Emma took up a senior leadership post at Redriff Primary City of London Academy (now part of a multi-academy trust sponsored by the Corporation of London), as well as completing her doctoral studies in Educational Psychology at UCL. She has also completed postgraduate study in Special and Inclusive Education at the Institute of Education.

Emma's current research interests include: consultation, integrated working (especially with colleagues in Children's Social Care and Adult Mental Health), the role of learning conversations in coaching, the provision of EP services at the organisational level and effective implementation of interventions.

Emma is interested in problem analysis and transitions and has published several papers in these areas, as well as contributing with colleagues a chapter on consultation training to a forthcoming international handbook on consultation in educational settings.

Emma has presented at national and international conferences on consultation research, as well as implementing preventative and early interventions to promote mental health and well-being.

Email: EKennedy2@Tavi-Port.nhs.uk


Refereed Papers

Kennedy, E.K., Dunsmuir, S., & Cameron, R.J. (in press). Professional training and development in consultation: from knowledge to competence and capability in educational and child psychology practice in England. In S. Rosenfield & C. Hatzichristou (Eds.). The International Handbook of Consultation in Educational Settings. To be published by Taylor & Francis.

Annan, M., Chua, J., Cole, R., Kennedy, E.K., James, R., Markúsdóttir, I., Monsen, J.J., Robertson, L., & Shah, S. (2013). Further iterations on using the Problem Analysis Framework. Educational Psychology in Practice , 29, (1), 79 – 95.

Kennedy, E.K., Greene, J., & Cameron, R.J. (2012). Transitions in the early years: Educational and child psychologists working to reduce the impact of school culture shock. Educational and Child Psychology, 29, (1), 19 – 31.

Kennedy, E.K., Cameron, R.J., & Monsen, J.J. (2009). Effective consultation in educational and child psychology practice: Professional training for both competence and capability. School Psychology International, 30, (6), 234 – 244.
Kennedy, E.K., Frederickson, N., & Monsen, J.J. (2008). Do educational psychologists “walk the talk” when consulting? Educational Psychology in Practice, 24, (3), 169 – 187.

Conference Presentations and Posters

Accepted for submission: Kennedy, E.K., & Gibbs, J. (2015). PATHS to teach children with Autism about emotions and emotional regulation: Challenges and opportunities in implementation. Workshop at the PATHS Education Worldwide Lisbon Conference, University of Lisbon, Portugal. 

Kennedy, E.K., & Odalele, G. (2014). Challenges and Opportunities in Implementing PATHS. Workshop Presentation at the Implementing Implementation Science Conference, Cambridge.

Kennedy, E.K. (2010) It ain’t what you do, it’s the why that you do it. Poster presented at the Division of Educational and Child Psychology Annual Continuing Professional Development Event.

Kennedy, E.K., Cameron, R.J., & Monsen, J. (2010). Supporting residential and foster carers through consultation: Achieving positive outcomes for children and their carers. Presentation at the 32nd Annual Conference of the International School Psychology Association.


Emma-Kate Kennedy