David Amias

Consultant Systemic & Family Psychotherapist

David Amias BA Hons MSW, MSc is dually qualified as a social worker (MSW in Social Work attained in 1984 from Haifa University) and as a family therapist (MSc in Family Therapy) attained in 1993 from Brunel University in association with the Tavistock Clinic).

He has worked with children and families first as a social worker and then as a systemic psychotherapist for 30 years in different statutory and voluntary health and social care contexts. He is an experienced supervisor, consultant and teacher of family therapy and systemic practice specialising in the domains of social care and refugee work.

He has held his current post held is as Consultant Systemic Psychotherapist for the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust since 2005. At the Tavistock Centre he works in the CAMHS Refugee Service, runs the CPD Course – Working with Refugee People and their Families (D35) and co-ordinates the Tavistock modules of the MA in Refugee Care run in association with Essex University (M35).

He also works for the Trust at the Camden Multi-Agency Liaison Team undertaking complex assessments, writing reports for court and offering brief focused family therapy as appropriate.

Email: DAmias@tavi-port.nhs.uk


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David Amias