Dr Chris Irons

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Chris Irons is a Clinical Psychologist based in London. He has been working alongside Professor Paul Gilbert and other colleagues in the theoretical and clinical developments and adaptations of CFT (CFT; Gilbert, 2009; Gilbert & Irons, 2005; Gilbert & Irons, 2014) as a science based psychotherapeutic approach. In his clinical work, he uses Compassion Focused Therapy in working with people suffering form a variety of mental health problems, including persistent depression, PTSD, OCD, bipolar affective disorder, eating disorders and schizophrenia, along with a variety of personality disorders.

Chris is a board member of the Compassionate Mind Foundation, a charitable organisation aiming to: “Promote wellbeing through the scientific understanding and application of compassion”. He regularly presents to academic, professional and lay audiences on CFT and more broadly, the science of compassion. He is interested in how compassion may improve individual well being, relationship satisfaction, and facilitate positive group and organisational change. Amongst other things, he is currently researching the role of compassion and rumination in depression; the role of compassion and shame in psychosis; and the role of self and other compassion in relationship quality. He recently published a book on depression, and is currently writing two books on CFT.


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