Freedom of Information

The main principle behind freedom of information legislation is that people have a right to know about the activities of public authorities, such as the Trust, unless there is a good reason for them not to.

The Act says:

  • everybody has a right to access official information
  • an applicant (requester) does not need to give you a reason for wanting the information. On the contrary, you must justify refusing them information
  • all requesters will be treated equally, whether they are journalists, local residents, public authority employees, or foreign researchers
  • only that information which would be given to anyone would be released, so if information requested is personal information, permission would be refused (unless the requester is the subject of the personal information, in which case, please see access to your records)

To ensure a request is valid it must:

  • be in writing, this could be a letter or email, via the web, Facebook or Twitter.  Please email requests to
  • include the requester’s real name
  • include an address for correspondence  – it can be any address at which you can write to them, including a postal address or email address
  • Describe the information requested (eg “Please send me details of the Trusts monthly spend on clinical agency/locum staff for the period 2015/16.")

Publication scheme

Before making a request, please refer to our Publication Scheme, this includes a great deal of general information about the Trust.

When we receive a request we will:

  • confirm that we have received it and let you know how we are going to handle the request
  • respond within 20 working days with the information, if we have it to give, or if tell you if there are reasons why we cannot give it, or why we cannot proceed with your request.

Visit the publication scheme

Environmental Impact Regulations:

The principle behind the law is that giving the public access to environmental information will encourage greater awareness of issues that affect the environment. Greater awareness helps increase public participation in decision-making; it makes public bodies more accountable and transparent and it builds public confidence and trust in them. Please send any requests for such information to